Shanna Murray 'Noël' decal
Shanna Murray 'Noël' decal Shanna Murray 'Noël' decal Shanna Murray 'Noël' decal Shanna Murray 'Noël' decal Shanna Murray 'Noël' decal Shanna Murray 'Noël' decal

Shanna Murray 'Noël' decal

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"NOËL" is a decal / wall sticker with a simple message for Christmas. Available in charcoal, white, speckled silver or speckled gold.

Shanna Murray Illustrated Decals are a range of wall stickers featuring inspirational and loving quotes created from Shanna's delightful drawings and lettering. Simple, charming decals in matte & metallic finishes that appear hand-painted, and are at once modern and a nod to nostalgic days gone by. Born of the belief that we all need a little spot to tuck inspiration in, each design in the collection is designed to create a perfect spot to celebrate the little things that make us smile. A little happiness for your nursery or bedroom walls.

The decals are easy to install, simply peel away the back paper, stick to wall, smooth on to wall with tool provided, and carefully peel away top protective paper. Voila, instant cheer! Complete instructions and application tool included.

  • Choose from one of four colour options: with  the words "Noël" in charcoal, white, speckled silver or speckled gold.
  • Size: 18cm x 6.5cm - 7" x 2.5"

Decals / wall stickers are created from super thin vinyl, which allows each decal to appear hand painted. Because of the thin nature of the vinyl decals are not reusable, however, they are easily removable from most surfaces. Simply peel off the wall when you're ready for a change! Decals adhere best to smooth surfaces, though they can be installed on slightly textured walls. Decals can be adhered to walls, windows, mirrors, chalkboards, furniture, laptops, and almost any smooth surface you can dream up!


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