Chispum / Fabelab Dreamy Clouds Wall Sticker

Dreamy Clouds Nightfall wall sticker by Chispum & Fabelab, provides a charming and imaginative dreamscape to encourage sweet dreams in a nursery or child's room.

Comes complete with 2 sheets of wall stickers: 3 clouds, 1 moon, 6 big drops, 5 small drops in a watercolour design and 1 sheet of golden triangles.

Use the dreamy wall sticker shapes in different ways for a beautiful and cute decoration display. Place them on any clean smooth surface to create a fun and personal space.

The Dreamy Clouds Nightfall Wall Sticker is a creative collaboration between FABELAB and CHISPUM.

Product details
2 x sheet size: 35 x 27,5 cm each

Designed in Denmark  |  Made in Barcelona, Spain

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