Modern Christening Gifts and Baby Naming Ceremony Gift Ideas for Babies and Children

Modern Christening Gifts and Baby Naming Ceremony Gift Ideas for Babies and Children

When you are selecting a gift for a baby or child's christening, or a baby naming ceremony, you will want to give a present that is special and unique and will serve as a perfect reminder of the joyous celebration that the child has enjoyed with friends and family. Choosing a modern, christening gift enables freedom to choose the "perfect gift", without the constraints of tradition.  


Modern Christening Gifts vs Traditional Gifts

While some people still give traditional christening gifts to a boy or girl on their christening day or at the baby naming ceremony, today more and more are looking for unique and inspired modern gifts. One benefit in choosing a modern gift, is that it can be used immediately, rather than hidden away as a keep-sake; far better, for instance, to present a beautifully crafted gift such as OYOY's Wooden Panda Money Bank (below) made from natural beech wood which - certain to become a treasured heirloom and passed on from generation to generation - than a traditional choice, which more-often-than not will be put away in a cupboard and never used! It is also possible to choose a modern gift that makes an impact stylistically and that can look great not only in the nursery or a child's room, but in any room of your home.  

     OYOY Panda Money Box

Versatility of Modern Christening Gifts

Many modern christening gifts can be considered perfect accessories for a nursery or children’s space. Gifts such as a baby mobile, bunny rabbit light and alphabet storage will look perfect in any baby room, while other accessories such as neon LED lighting and the super cool Fromage La Rue Petite Vegas Heart Light (below) assure longevity, from childhood to adulthood! 

Fromage La Rue Petite Vegas Heart Light


Choosing the Perfect Gift for a Christening or Baby Naming Ceremony

For those of you looking to present a baby girl, boy or child with a christening gift or baby naming ceremony gift that is contemporary, practical and timeless, we have assembled a list of some of our favourite ideas for christening gifts that will be appreciated by a child now and every year they get older:-
Modern Christening Gifts

[Above] 1. Bamboo Christening Tableware Set (pale blue)  2. Cloud Light  3. Wooden Puzzle / Baby Mobile  4. Blue Neon Lightning Bolt LED light  5. Bunny Rabbit Light  6. Dream Happy Cushion  7. Counting Sheep Baby Mobile  8. Yellow Neon 'Love' LED Light  9. Alphabet Storage  10. Bamboo Christening tableware set (Yellow/Pink)